Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert

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D-81673 München

Telefon  +49 (0) 170 7348434

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5th International IoPT-LIVE-online Congress "What do I want: to live or to survive?"

My activities in Norway are organized and coordinated by Marta Thorsheim and her Institutt for Traumaarbeid AS.

For all relevant information see or contact Marta Thorsheim Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!and for videos and lectures have a look here

Advanced International Training in Identity oriented Psychotraumatherapy in Oslo and Munich,

sixth training group starting in 2020 For application an full program see ...

Marta und Ich


Next open workshop in Oslo: Love and Sexuality 27.-28.03.2020

This event is cancelled by the Norwegian Authorities because of Coronna. Participant can keep their tickets for the next seminar 18./19. September 2020.

Seminar with Franz Ruppert: Love and sexuality  March 27 -28, 2020 

Interview with Marta Thorsheim (Video)

Actual book translations:

Hvem er jeg i et traumatisiert samfunn? (2019)

Cover Hvem er jeg


Min Kropp mitt Traume


Barndormestraume (2015)  order here ...

Frühes Trauma norwegisch












Traumer, frykt og kjaerlighet (2014) traumer
order here ...

Trauma Angst Liebe norwegisch












Symbiose og Autonomi (2013) order here ...

Symbiose und Autonomie norwegisch











Forstå dine sår I sjelen (2010) Oslo: Flux.Bookcover Forsta dine sar I sjelen order here ...

Trauma Bindung Familienstellen norwegisch