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5. International Congress "What do I want: To live or to survive?"

Seminars and Lectures in Poland

“Who am I and what do I want?"
next Seminar 17. and 18. September 2021 in Warszawa

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Actual articles to the corona-pandemic in Polish

I and SARS


Wczesna Trauma
Rozpoznawanie i uwalnianie
Warszawa: Wydywnictwo Virgo.
Book can be ordered here ...

wczesna traumaFrühes Trauma polnisch








more informatione about Wczesna Trauma

Symbioza i Autonomia symbioza i autonomia polnisches CoverSymbioza i Autonomia
Polish translation of the book "Symbiosis and Autonomy"
(translated by Zenon Mazurczak)
Book can be ordered here ...

Symbiose und Autonomie polnisch



“Trauma Constellations” (in Polish) (PDF-Download)