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6th International Congress for IoPT: 14th ot 16th of October 2022, planned in Munich

A good comprehension of my theory and method in English: link

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contact Vivian Broughton and have a look at her websites and her blockposts


(the 'rainbow book')... goes online!

in three parts:
1. Talking about Trauma
2. Beginnings
3. Healing Trauma? 

I have made three videos based on my book,
Becoming Your True Self: a handbook for the journey from trauma to healthy autonomy...
there is still much in the book that is not in the videos... but I think putting it online in this form is helpful. Do feel free to share them with friends etc.
Best wishes, Vivian

Training in Toronto/Canada

My Books in English

Books in English by Franz Ruppert all published by Green Balloon Books, Steyning (UK) can be
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You can order the books at or at Amazon.

Who am I in a traumatized and traumatizing Society?

Wer bin Ich englisch













My Body, my Trauma, my I

Mein Körper englisch













Early Trauma

Frühes Trauma englische Übersetzung












In the book of my colleague John Wilks I have also made a contribution to this topic, please see ...

Trauma, Love & Fear.
How the Constellation of the Intention can support Healthy Autonomy. (2015)

trauma fear love 2015












Symbiosis & Autonomie (2012)

Symbiosis & Autonomy











Splits in the Soul. Integrating Traumatic Experiences (2011)

Splits in the Soul     










Trauma, Bonding and Family Constellations. Understanding and Heeling Injuries of the Soul (2008)

Trauma Bindung Familienstellen englischj












  • Franz Ruppert (2002). Psychosis & Schizophrenia: Disturbed Bonding in Family Systems.

    Systemic Solutions Bulletin, 3, 12-19.

  • Franz Ruppert (2006). Integrating Split Components of the Soul.

    The Knowing field, 7, 23-29.

  • Franz Ruppert (2006). Constellations under the Sign of Multi-generational Systemic Psychotraumatology.

    Self & Society, 4, 10-19


Lecture "Symbiosis & Autonomy" on DVD you can order directly

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