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Franz Ruppert (2002). Psychosis & Schizophrenia: Disturbed Bonding in Family Systems.
Systemic Solutions Bulletin, 3, 12-19.

Franz Ruppert (2006). Integrating Split Components of the Soul.
The Knowing field, 7, 23-29.

Franz Ruppert (2006). Constellations under the Sign of Multi-generational Systemic Psychotraumatology.
Self & Society, 4, 10-19


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The Trauma of Identity, London 15.04.2016 PDF-File

The Symbiotic Trauma PDF-File

The Trauma of Identity, London 15.04.2016 PDF-File

Perpetrators and Victims, London PDF-File

Early Trauma PDF-File

Burnout - Stress or Trauma? PDF-File

Symbiosis and Autonomy - The concept of split personality and its consequences for psychotherapy, University College Cork 11th of November 2011 PDF-File

What are the implications of a Multi-Generational Theory of Trauma on our view of society? PDF-File

Trauma and symbiotic entanglement PDF-File

Love and Trauma - stepping out of symbiotic entanglement PDF-File  


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